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Mr. Steve Eunice started this business in 1964 as Ace Post Company. At that time he specialized in peeling fence posts, dedicating the entire production, approximately 1.3 million poles to Koppers Company. In 1970 he purchased the pole mill from Atlantic Creosote (now Atlantic Wood Industries) in Homerville, Georgia and created Homerville Pole Company. Again, under exclusive contract with Koppers, he furnished them 100,000 untreated framed poles per year.

In 1974, Koppers altered their procurement practice, choosing to draw in their buying radius and suspended their contract with Mr. Eunice. He moved his post and pole operation to our current site with only a brief interruption in production and liquidated Homerville Pole Company in 1975. In 1978 his newly formed Ace Equipment Company designed and built their first EZ brand pole mill and Ace Post resumed peeling utility poles. The final change in the corporate structure came in 1984 when the company was incorporated as Ace Pole Company.

We added an extra dimension to our untreated operation in 1983 when we completed construction on a state of the art CCA treating plant. We produced primarily fence posts and barn poles until late 1986 when we completed our high temperature dry kiln. Then we began producing treated utility poles for Electric Cooperatives and Municipalities.

We have continually added equipment and new technology to our operation. We now utilize the latest in computer technology in the kiln drying and treatment process. This enables us to monitor and keep meticulous records of these critical measurements during the process of treating poles.

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