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Company Profile

Ace Pole Company At A Glance

-Largest CCA plant in country

-Operates seven days a week

-50,000 poles in stock at any given time

-Typically produce 250 truckloads per week with ability to ramp up as needed

-Worldwide distribution

-Produce Transmission Poles sized 60′ – 100′ and Distribution Poles sized 25′ to 55′,
Class 9 to H3

-Offer CCA-ET® Oil Emulsion Treatment for enhanced climbability

-50 Year Warranty

-200 acre facility.

-Over 100 employees, many who have worked with us for decades

-Family owned and operated; Our owners oversee QC in the yard every day

-In-House Trucking Company

-On-site rail service available;

-Flatbed and stretch trailers available in addition to boom loaders

-Four double bay dry kilns allow us to dry 73 loads of poles at a time

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