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CCA-ET® Poles: All the Benefits of CCA Plus Enhanced Climbability

Th​e ​CCA-ET®​ ​pole combines the longevity and cleanliness of CCA-treated wood
utility poles with the climbability of oil-impregnated utility poles. The
ET utility pole is treated with a refined hydrocarbon oil emulsion in the
outer layer of the utility pole following treatment with CCA. The viscous
oil additive serves as a lubricant, making the utility pole easier to climb
and to work on without affecting the preservative properties of the CCA
treatment. ET poles offer these major benefits:

-AWPA-listed and RUS-approved

-The longevity of CCA-treated wood–resistance to termites and fungal
decay for decades

-Excellent climbing characteristics confirmed by numerous field
climbing trials on both new and aged utility poles. See 25-year
Climbing Trials Study.

-No need for future groundline remedial treatment, since fixation of
CCA virtually eliminates preservative migration

-No need to rotate utility poles during storage because of the
emulsion’s high viscosity

-Low corrosivity

-Can be touched and handled without special safety precautions

-Easier to saw, drill and nail into than regular CCA utility poles
because the emulsion additive acts as a lubricating oil

-Retention of oil can be readily verified by inspection agencies — a
difficult task with wax additives

-Available in clear emulsion or with a brown colorant.